Audio sketch pad to get shit done/down

After a long musically hiatus I have finally made progress creating new beats. I'm documenting my process on Medium, a way to pressure myself a bit.

Read it here

Djablo - You Said Goodbye (animated lofi video)

Djablo is back with a soon-to-be-release cassette album "Pulpofision" on belgian Ill Catz Records. Here's a lofi animated video he did using only his deranged brain and an iPad. Cheers!

Beats and animation by Djablo.

Djablo gets his Lowfi Dojo on…

After months of hard DIY work it's finally done. Limited to only 36 copies it comes numbered, bundled with stickers, a lovely iBook Read-a-long cassette book and a couple of hidden surprises. Available now, will ship world wide. Jooooy! Go here…

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